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Postby KEVINEHLE » Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:07 pm

[quote:4384ab50f9="Ninersphan"]Playoff teams:

EAST Div champ- Smokey 99-63
CENTRAL - Cummings 88-74
WEST Ninersphan 91-71 :D :?:
WC ( from the east) Sandy 96-66

I'm set to play sandy, which I don't get, I thought the WC played the top seed, which would mean Sandy plays Smokey, but maybe there is a proviions that the WC can't play their division mate in the semis????

I think I'll send an inqiry to Bernie

PS I have no earthly idea how my team made the playoffs and has the record they have, I was not expecting it at all, I fully expected I'd be near .500 and playing for next year.[/quote:4384ab50f9]

A rule was put in place a year or so ago where two divisional foes couldn't play each other in the 1st round. I think it was a great rule as sometimes the two top teams are in the best division. Congrats to the playoff teams. I actually thought I had a really good team and a good shot to make the playoffs. However, my team fizzled and got knocked out on the final night. I guess I need to tweak some things!!

Good luck playoff teams.

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