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PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:11 pm
by mesquiton
[quote:777af85990]This is my first year so I am just curious are you saying no one has ever broke the rules in the semis and finals before or no one has ever broke the rules during the regular events before.[/quote:777af85990]

No one has broken the rules in the semis or finals, as far as I recall. I think I've played all but one tournament since it started in 2003, and I've kept "unofficial" standings/stats on the boards most of those years. There have always been a few managers penalized for regular season double stadium use (-25 pts), although I think last year was the first time nobody got penalized (-10 pts) for breaking the 200+ IP rule during the regular season. One manager had a reliever go exactly 200 IP last year, but was not penalized because he didn't go over 200.