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Postby J-Pav » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:36 pm

:twisted: Hater Team :twisted: pre-season observations:

Deep down there really is a part of me that wants to play a 4e28 at shortstop. I would love to play from the full player set rather than just from 15-20% of it. Having said that, I think the all 4s concept will only prove to be misguided.

I think this team is truly about as close as you will come to an optimal all 4s lineup. There's a case to be made that a three stud staff might improve it over my more bullpen heavy team, but that wasn't an option in this league as *SPs were basically covered by the inital autodraft.

What I did right: a competent pitching staff with low holds, lots of double plays and a few strikeouts backed up with a very deep bullpen. Three lefty starters will take advantage of Miller Park, plus this is a no DH league which will hopefully bail me out from time to time with the extra baserunners.

Holliday and Santana were the right choices as well.

What's wrong with this picture: While I think [b:cacae9192d]Dean[/b:cacae9192d] is right about pricing, the pricing is geared toward a season including [i:cacae9192d]all[/i:cacae9192d] the major league players, and not a 12 team all-star league. I'm probably spotting too many x-rolls to the opposing managers here.

Another shortcoming is the lack of available 4 range players who hit right-handed pitching. The "vs LHP" are easy (Beltran, Milledge and Shoppach are no brainers), although the [b:cacae9192d]Mahootma[/b:cacae9192d] wanted V-Mart more than I did, and I lost him with around the 4th pick on my autodraft card.

I went with Murphy as a platoon vs RHP in CF. Wells (a 3, for example) would be a way better choice for that salary here, but I'm sticking with the all 4s recipe.

Shortstop is also limited. Lowrie is fine as an injury 4e8, but truthfully Drew (and others) would be a more competent pick at a slightly higher price. Also, I didn't opt for low range back-ups or defensive subs, just for the curiosity of seeing the experiment through.

So I'm basically hamstringing myself with the all 4s parameter. A better result would likely be achieved by selecting the [i:cacae9192d]best players for the price and position regardless of defense.[/i:cacae9192d] Then you could have Uggla at 2B, but maybe Konerko at 1b (rather than Fielder) and Choo in RF (instead of Abreu/Milledge). Having said that, I still think this team is about as close as anybody will come given the all 4s thing.

Let's see how it turns out...
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Postby Jerlins » Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:14 pm

Though I'm in your division, I'm curious to see the results as well, and wish you "limited" success. That said, wouldn't Johnson be the better option at 2nd for you than Uggla, since you're playing at Miller?
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Postby J-Pav » Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:40 am

I'm already pretty strong vs LHP.

Uggla's slightly better numbers vs RHP (esp the HRs) made the difference for me, plus that he seems to be the more consistent performer factored in.

I almost threw in the towel on the whole thing an hour ago. For whatever reason I went straight to acceptance and I'm ready to sacrifice the credit to HAL now.

The only question left is what sort of benchmark would be reasonable?

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Postby J-Pav » Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:48 pm

Congratulations to [b:a7751fa9fd]Knerrpool[/b:a7751fa9fd] and the [i:a7751fa9fd]Intentional Coincidence[/i:a7751fa9fd] with their Game 7 finals victory in the Secret Formula league.

HAL once again opted to send the two 100 pythag wins teams packing in the semis. You make the playoffs, you get your chances. The Coincidence made the most of it and earned the ring. Well done!

This post will be running dry soon - as an update, my $15 mil pitching staff team made the playoffs, which start on Monday, as well as my first Petco team, which slid in with an 80-82 record. My all 4s no DH team is treading water in the early going, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

I'm looking forward to the new card set now - see you on the field of battle soon! :D
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