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Re: Underachievers

Postby keyzick » Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:49 am

1. Kevin Youkilis -
I've used him very successfully in both hitter and pitchers parks

2. Grady Sizemore
Never seem to have any luck with him, thought it was just me

3. Mike Fontenot
Seems to be hit or miss, independent of ballpark, although you'd think he'd do better based on his card

4. Brian Roberts
Performed average, although if I don't get Fontenot, Pedroia or Utley, I usually will skip down to Casilla and save some cash.

5. Mike Cameron
Never used

6. Aki Iwamura
Never used

7. Shane Victorino
Have tried to get, but apparently others place higher value on him than me, and nab him ahead of me in autodrafts

8. Chris Iannetta
Only used a couple times, nothing special. I'll typically go with cheap platoons at catcher instead.

9. Xavier Nady
Never shy about taking him in hitters parks. Try to keep him at DH based on his 4 range in the OF, but occasionally will have him out there if my other 2 OF slots are solid, and just set to replace defensively with lead.

10. B.J. Upton
High OBP, has done ok, but not as good as his pricetag

and for the Furcal haters
Love him when he's healthy, hate him when he's hurt!
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